Productivity is a concept of doing something amazing and crazy using some tools and any other thing fast and simple. There are thousands of productivity apps available for iPhone which can make work better.

From Medical to tracking and security there are different types of productivity apps available on the App Store.

Other you are tracking something that doing security work for your documents and files these apps has amazing works.

Today we are going to share some of the best productivity apps for iPhone in 2020.

  1. 1Password

1Password is a number one productivity app as it perform password managing for all of your apps and websites on a single place.

This amazing app has already built powerful and amazing features and also nominated as a best new app of 2018 by fast company.

It will allow to store all websites, social media accounts and other accounts passwords and important information on a single app which can we access on anywhere else you want.

Here are some of the amazing features of 1Password

  • iOS capability making tags and categories
  • 30 days of free trial
  • Face ID locking and unlocking
  • The automatic lock even if you lost your device
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Get alerts when your side or any of your social media account compromised
  • You can easily migrate all the pieces of information and related passwords from one account to another
  1. Streaks

Streaks is another amazing organizing app to-do list. This app is also on the number one position in health and fitness.

Can change your daily habits to good habits as this app contains lots of different task icons to do and give you motivation for these tasks.

It will alert you if one of the tasks is not completed by you.


Asana is one of the iPhone productivity apps which will let you and your team members collaborate and manage different task directly on iPhone Screen.

This amazing app has the ability to assign different tasks to two different team members and also push forward of the following tasks to another.

It will give a reminder and the task delay processes and updates about it.

Here are some amazing and key features of Asana

  • Quickly update it and add different words in the list
  • Asana mobile and desktop app work together so you can sync your tasks through different devices
  • It will track and organize your work quickly and fast using Asana widgets and search operations for different task across all project
  • Communication between coworkers
  1. DocuSign

DocuSign is specially designed for iPhone and also called a best E signature solution for your clients and traders.

This amazing app is also has a paid version so you can enjoy all of its amazing features.

You can easily sign in with the following documents:

  • Sales contracts
  • Health documents
  • Financial documents and agreements
  • NDAs
  • Permissions and payslips
  • Lease agreements etc
  1. Evernote

Evernote is another amazing not storing app that will increase the productivity of your smartphone.

From this app, you will not need to write down any of the nodes in the sticky notes app on desktop. I just need to write down all of your notes, voice memo or any other content that you want to save.

You can and get all of your notes across the devices.

Here are some amazing features of Evernote

  • Evernote design for everyday life, school and businesses
  • It will allow you to share anything with friends and families other they are any note aur any voice memo
  • You can get all of your notes on multiple devices
  • 3D touch to write any of the note and also has the ability of sketch to make sensitive ink content
  • Evernote is also available for Apple watch where it will give you reminders and notifications for different notes.


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