With rates of using smartphones, laptops, and computers most of the entrepreneurs and Businessmen try to find out different ways to grow business.

Many apps for smartphones and different applications are available for marketing. Today we are focusing on mobile apps and marketing apps for businesses and hence if you are any entrepreneur you can also promote your business right over on your smartphone.

Marketing apps that are actually available on both Android and IOS devices has plenty of useful features which will allow you to to track out all of your business aspects.

Today we are going to show some of the best marketing apps in 2020

  1. HootSuite

HootSuite is one of the best businesses marketing app which will allow you to use three social media networks at the same time in a free reason.

Over 15 All Around The World it is one of the best marketing study app which will allow you to schedule post for social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram.

With amazing interface and features to promote your business as it will make your brand at the top with amazing features.

Here are some of the amazing people of HootSuite

  • Auto posting publishing and sharing of your post over social media networks at once
  • You can easily manage multiple accounts If you are using instagram, facebook, twitter even if you are using LinkedIn for the video sensation called as YouTube
  • Scheduling post and updates different social media accounts day by day and time by time
  • You can also schedule messages for automatic delivery
  • You can man monitor your brand on all the social media networks
  • Notifications, pop-ups, and all other reports Analytics.
  1. Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages no doubt is one of the biggest platform to grow your business at the top. From this single platform which is enough for you to promote your every product through Facebook pages.

Facebook page manager app which is available for Android and IOS is a one of the social media marketing app.

It is the next generation marketing strategy which will track all the activities replies and notifications.

  1. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is one of the finest app for businesses and it will act as a for marketing.

Is amazing app is available for iOS devices that will let you create content, not for a scratch but also promote on business pages all over the internet?

This is an amazing platform will let you to choose the best content and the best way to share your product over the internet.

  1. Yelp

Yelp is another amazing and useful marketing app for customers who will easily contact and get address of your business.

This app has built in in map integration and easily e has the access by customers.

This is a new kind of statutory where you can find out all the local businesses right over a single place.

Here are some amazing features of Yelp

  • You can search out local businesses and near nearby restaurants, shops and hotels.
  • Filtering any of the best businesses with their ratings and best performance
  • You can get review of The businesses through the community
  • You can get all the latest photos about the businesses and their services
  • You can also get offer provided by the businesses either they are restaurant or any other furniture store
  • You can easily get up all the addresses, contact informations directly on this app.
  • Is amazing app is available for both Android and IOS users
  1. Canva

Canva is the fastest growing brand to make beautiful content for social media platforms. Canva is one of the influencer app which will let you to make graphics designs, logo and also edit videos for your business to grow.

On Canva you can easily find out perfect images and ready-to-use designs. Within few steps of editing and add photos and text you can make your own photos within few minutes

Here are some amazing features of Canva

  • Ready to go designs and it will save your time to make new things from scratch
  • Perfect images
  • Amazing editing of photos and videos
  • After using this app you will not need any of the third party photo editing software
  • Show off any of the word on the images
  • You can make out logos, illustrations book covers etc
  • It is the best platform to share your awesome business content for social media.


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