Lightweight browsers are those browsers which not only e officially used for browsing and internet surfing but they also need less processing and Optimisation.

Most of the browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox needs much more PC performance and also create instance whenever they used.

Although I am not going against Google Chrome it is also one of the first internet browsers with numerous features. But there are many other reasons that may let you install lightweight browsers.

Today we are going to share some of the best lightweight browsers which required low disk and also so need no other third party apps.

Top 10 lightweight browsers for Windows 10 2020

  1. Torch

Torch is one of the lightweight Browser for Windows 10 and all of the Windows operating system uses.

It comes with various amazing features which will blow your mind.

It has its own Download Manager, video player and many other things that you never seen in any of the internet browsers.

Either you are a music listener aur gamer you must install this lightweight Browser which will make your work easy.

Here are some of the best and unique features of Torch

  • It has tons of free games so you can play these games without downloading.
  • You are a Facebook user then you can make your Facebook amazing with multiple themes using torch
  • Well we are using IDM another media grappar plugins in Google Chrome but with don’t need in torch. Torch has its own unique feature which is media grappa which will let you to download any of the file if there are videos audios from internet on every single click.
  • Not only the the download manager is the unique feature off torch but it has also torch Torrent Download Manager which will help you to download anything from Torrent.
  • Built-in media is another amazing feature of torch with ultimate experience of watching videos after downloading.
  • Torch Music is another amazing feature for music listeners so they can listen free music from torch browser or using Torch Browser on your mobile phone
  • Well Google Chrome has few offline games but torch comes with thousands of free games which will let you too you not to download and just play for free
  1. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is one of the amazing lightweight Browser with where is customisation themes and his own vPN.

Vivaldi is not just for windows bus but also available for Mac and Linux. Recently Vivaldi introduce Vivaldi beta version for Android.

It has following unique features

  • Customise tab controls
  • Built-in screen capturing, notes and other addons
  • Themes
  • It will protect your right to privacy
  1. Midori

Midori is one of the lightweight Browser which is actually an open source and free web browser.

With clean and awesome interface it has amazing customisation, extensions and his own unique features of Huge community which will let you to ask any of the question about any problem.

With thousands of users are around the world this is one of the fastest growing web browser in the history e available for Windows mac and other operating systems.

Here are some unique features of Midori

  • Synchronisation and cloud storage of your history browsing and bookmarks
  • It has a huge community which will let you to ask any of the question
  • Web apps, addons and other cross platform features on Windows, operating system, linux and also you can use it on your Android device.
  1. UR Browser

UR Browser is another amazing Browser which is available on Mac and Windows. UR Browser essay on unique features of providing security and privacy. With fast and Secure features it will that you and alert you about the dangerous websites and also has built in virus scan.

Here are some amazing and unique features of UR Browser

  • Fast browsing
  • Https redirection
  • Automatic virus scan
  • 4 time faster downloading from any download manager
  • Customise widgets another plugins
  • Amazing wallpapers and background pictures
  1. Lunascape

Lunascape is one of the lightweight browsers which you can use it it on your Windows operating system for free.

Lunascape has changed a whole game as it has many amazing features and over 20 million download from all over the world.

Here are some amazing features of Lunascape

  • Fast downloading
  • Amazing browsing scans asif Ali compatibility of firefox plugins
  • Security orientation
  • Crash reports


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