There are several email services, apps and desktop applications available which could help you to email, someone, on your Mac computer.

All the services have their own unique features and every single app for Mac is totally different from others. Apart from office 365 there are many other email services apps available in 2020 for Mac.

With no time limitation 30 emails services will send bulk of emails and give you robust response.

Why do you need email app for Mac if you have office 365?

Office 365, gmail and Yahoo are the great email services and no doubt they have their own unique features which is an compare table with others.

But sometime we need some extra feature which can be used in a single app.

Today we are also going to show some of the best Email Apps for Mac.

  1. Apple Mail

Apple Mail is one of the default and basic email services for Apple Mac computers. With amazing and clean interface this is amazing software or you can call as app has several built-in features.

Integrate with different Mac OS apps amazing email services will let you to send emails through different apps.

With several customisation, draught, alerts and notifications Apple Mail is very easy to handle and check out all the necessary emails from your boss.

Recently Apple Mail e comes with a new feature called as smart mailbox which will allow you the filtration of of all of your important emails as of your need.

Well now it is easy to download a response to all messages in a very quick way.

Here are some amazing features and also problems with Apple Mail


  • It is a one of the user-friendly and smooth app which is easy to use
  • With amazing customisation it has smart folder management to manage all of your folders and attachments quickly
  • Mailbox is now here which will allow you to filter all of your emails and divide them into different categories.
  • It is for free


  • At the time of interphase it will not allow you to customise any of the thing.
  • Sorry no snooze feature
  1. Airmail

Airmail is one of the powerful email services for Mac iPad and iPhone.

With amazing 3D Touch spot it is one of the the best email services which has the facility to sync with your iCloud.

With the amazing feature of fast document previewing sending emails in a fractional workflow it will let you enjoy all the the email features.

One of the best and unique feature of Airmail of is is that it will allow you to edit emails in bulk and also allow you to add multiple signatures for unified inbox.

Here are some of the amazing features of Airmail

Un like apple mail it has also several filtration features like ok and read, conversation, steered etc. Now you can easily categorise and avoid all of your emails into different categories.

  • Well you can also get all of your Google contacts
  • Snooze messages
  • Bulk editing of different emails
  • Adding multiple signatures
  • Push notifications
  • And also you can manage multiple accounts
  • And many other amazing features


It sometime start bugging and also liking at multiple Times.

It is not for free and very expensive for some users (Price: $26.99).

  1. Spark

Spark is one of the fastest growing email service for Mac because of its amazing features.

Spark is one of the email service which is continuously upgrading to getting new users and thousands of users from all over the world.

Spark is one of the email service which has its own unique features of prioritise, customising and also personalization.

It will allow you to focus on important emails and ignore unrelated an unnecessary emails.

Unlike other email services it has more powerful features like reminders, snooze, integration another beautiful features.

Here are some of the amazing features of Spark


  • It is one of the female super powers like follow up reminders, built in calendar, powerful integration, quick replies, sending email letter, smart search and more other amazing features
  • It will let you to focus on important emails and ignoring other unnecessary emails and ads.
  • Real-time editing and chatting with your teammates
  • Private emailing
  • Private emails for your team
  • Delegate emails and other amazing services


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