Advertisers goal is to surround you by different ads but it’s a totally disgusting thing. Ad blockers for or Firefox is one of the best way where you can get rid of thousands of ads on different websites on Firefox.

Firefox is one of the best Internet browsing software which will help you to browsing of different websites and also block different ads which cause irritating.

Ads are of different types which can be banners, picture aur any kind of popup menu which can used for ads.

Before the internet people were using newspaper and magazines for ads and Advertising. Letter on advertising start displaying ads on TV and also give shutouts using radio and other devices.

With the advancement of Technology and arrival of internet people start advertising about different companies over the websites.

There are many reasons to block different ads using best ad blocker on Firefox:

  • Some of the ads contain hidden malwares and viruses
  • Ads blocker is enhance the page loading speed
  • Most of the websites use more than 10 ads on a single page which could be difficult to read the content on this page.
  • Today we are going to show you some of the best and top 10 ad blockers for Firefox browser.
  1. StopAll Ads

StopAll Ads is one of the best ad blocker for firefox which has the ability to block all different types of ADS that are currently using on the internet.

It is one of the free to use extension that has the ability to block different ads such as popup ads , banners ad and also has the ability to find out malicious and harmful ads. Is embarrassing ad blocker is currently available for firefox only.

Here are some amazing features of StopAll Ads

  • Stop all ads
  • Stop all kinds of ads with viruses
  • Remove all kinds of unwanted ads that can distract you
  • Disable social media buttons that can contain any of the redirect website which can cause any problem
  • You can also so use filtration for the shoes of ads
  • Stop any kind of tracking ads
  • Non-intrusive ads
  1. Adblock Plus

Adblock PlusĀ  is another amazing ad blocker for firefox. This amazing ad blocker will let you configure and set up Federation how many ads want to see on a website.

Up to 500 millions downloads all over the world this is one of the Firefox ad blocker who has the ability to block different social media icons.

Some amazing features of Adblock Plus

  • Block any kind of annoying ads.
  • It is one of the best ad blocker for YouTube because it will stop all kinds of video ads on youTube videos.
  • It will stop ads to speed up page loading
  • It will detect and reduce the risk of malvertising
  • There are many websites on internet who are giving services of online shoppig but they are trackers.Adblock Plus will stop tese trackers.
  • Also block all kinds of social media icons tracking.
  1. uBlock Origin

Most of the users over the internet did not want to block any kind of ADS on some websites. These websites could be there on website to check out ads.

uBlock Origin is one of the best and amazing Firefox ad blocker which has amazing simple interphase to customise and filter all the ads setup.

It will let you who to choose website where you want to stop ads. Here are some amazing features of uBlock Origin

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to setup and configuration
  • Flexible adblocker
  • Easy privacy and malware domains detection
  • There is also the ability to stop and run autoplay videos on embedded on different websites.


Disconnect is one of the best ad blocker and disable all the tracking on any website.

Disconnect comes with a very unique feature which is not available in any of the firefox ad blocker.

It has the ability to block all the invisible and hidden tracking and help you to expose any kind of virus and malware and also caught different theft on websites.

It is 44% more faster than any of the ad blocker according to Columbia study 2015.


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