With the advancement of Technology human start working to explore the universe and build several machines to flew over the Earth.

Different scientists and Developers start making machines that through away from Earth with rockets fired from the Earth’s surface.

There are several reasons that humans start building Space Station which will help us to explore the space and also can be used for much scientific research.

Space Station such as International Space Station is actually a spacecraft that has the ability to rotate the Earth’s surface.

It is not the only machine that carries out different technologies but it is also a spacecraft capable of carrying out people, scientists, and astronauts.

Internatinal Space Station which is is a very long time project and also a orbital station that rotate along with earth using propulsion on landing system.

Propulsion is actually a huge system that put forward the complete international Space Station forward and let it to orbit around the earth.

There are lots of Talking system and ports available on spacecraft which will let through and other members of the Space Station to transfer from one part to another.

They are also helpful to carry out different supplies and machines from one part of the the International Space Station to the other.

There are many purposes of International Space Station which is actually in in law Orbit used for scientific purposes and also can be format military launches.

In future different countries are also going to launch its on space station which is actually coming in upcoming decade. These countries are are US, china, india, russia different other countries.

History of International Space Station

Edward Everett Hale’s 1869 is the year of starting a new era. At the early stage of conquered the space was the rotational wheel which has its own unique feature of creating artificial Gravity.

As the technology can also be build for both good and bad reasons that’s why sun gun is also a theoretical orbital weapon which was built during the Second World War. This huge machine carrying out military installation orbiting at the height of 8200 kilometres above but due to having no facilities no research work conducted.

Today we are also going to show you some of the amazing facts about International Space Station which is actually the out of this world facts and nobody knows about it.

  1. Who built ISS

International Space Station is not only by the NASA also involved several different countries participate to built this huge space environment for scientific research.

Here are some countries name who involved in the construction of international Space Station:

  • United State
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Russia
  • Denmark
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Sweden

And the United Kingdom

  1. Amazing speed

Will you ever try to get a complete circle around the earth in 90 minutes? maybe not if you do this you will die.

International Space Station is actually moving forward 5 miles per second which is actually a great speed for any vehicle to move on.

  1. It is not a machine it is a complete home

Some people said that it is is only a machine which is carrying out different machines and technologies but it is actually a complete home or you can say a big hotel.

Are International Space Station which is actually 357 feet high and 109 long carrying out different Chambers and rooms which can be easily used for astronauts and other people’s to sleepwalk and also running.

  1. It is one of the biggest Space Station ever

International Space Station is actually one of the largest object and also a biggest machine flying over the Earth bigger than MIR and the US station called as skylab.

  1. It’s built on huge amount

International Space Station is actually a one of the expensive project which approximately cost of 120 millions dollars. This expensive project has all the latest technologies build on earth.

  1. Where water come from

Did you try to ever drink your pee maybe not it’s disgusting but the International Space Station is actually drinking its own pee and poop. The urine of all crew members actually filtered and turn into water.

But there is only 2 bathrooms available on entire station.


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