Tom and Jerry is one of the best hate and love relationship of two different characters is the one of the most famous cartoons which started from 1940.

Well everyone knows about Tom and Jerry cartoon which is actually direct and produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Tom and Jerry was one of the first full of comedy animated cartoons.  In this cartoon series term is actually a cat who is worried about by a mouse called as Jerry.

Sometimes this both character becomes friend but sometime they start fighting each other and their relationship become love and hate relationship.

With many other characters tom and Jerry which was actually started in 1940 was first released a series of tom and Jerry.

At the time of tom and Jerry production Hanna and Barbera start working on these animated characters and make it so funny that it soon gone popular among youngers, children’s and also with alders.

That was the time of success of Tom and Jerry series when he won back to back 7 Academy Award for National Animated short films.

History and facts

Tom and Jerry which is actually the production of MGM cartoon studio due to some reasons closed in 1957. But later on it start again in 1961 with additional 13 Tom and Jerry short films.

Here are some of the Unique facts about Tom and Jerry

1.William Hanna and Joseph Barbera also make other beloved characters that you must know

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera who actually the creator of Tom and Jerry in 1914 make their own other unique characters like Scooby Doo, top Cat, Yogi Bear, The Smurfs and others which also gain much more popularity as tom and Jerry.

  1. Tom and Jerry original names

Everyone knows about Tom and Jerry which make huge success in animated theatres actually named as Jasper and Jinx.

  1. Few cartoon series

In the history of cartoon series it is unbelievable thing that Tom and Jerry make 163 episodes in total.

From 1940 and continue to 2005 they make only 63 episodes which gone much popularity.In early stage of Tom and Jerry production the only make 13 episodes which gone hit and viral over internet.

  1. MGM studio closing

At the time of Tom and Jerry production mGM Studio almost stopped working as they thought the Tom and Jerry cat and mouse cartoon will no longer be e seen by anyone and it will think as a cartoon.

Barbera and Hanna start thinking to make other cartoon series but soon Tom and Jerry become popular in its first 13 episodes.

  1. Revealing of Tom’s owner face

Everyone seen about Tom’s owner mammy 2 shoes but not seen its complete face through the entire series.

For the first time the series reveal the complete face of tom’s owner in the series of “Saturday Evening Puss” which was released in January 14 1950.

  1. Amazing journey of Tom

From which is actually a funny cat and want to get revenge from Jerry was actually moved on four legs in early stages of Tom and Jerry production.

At that time time was not much young but later on start walking on two legs and became more powerful character.

  1. Tom and Jerry suicide

No one knows about Tom and Jerry love through the entire series but for the first time in the episode “blue cat blues” tom and Jeri sit down on the rail track to get suicide to get rid of  Mr. Butch.

  1. Tom and Jerry is not the only one

Tom and Jerry is not the only one show which was created from 9040.

After 9040 there are numerous shows was created through the original animated series these series are:

  • The Tom and Jerry show(1975)
  • The Tom and Jerry comedy show which was started from 1980 and ending at 1982 of long time series.
  • Tom and Jerry kids which was specially designed for kids (1990-93 ).
  • The Tom and Jerry Tales(2006-08)
  • And at the last the Tom and Jerry show is currently running.
  1. Oscars award

Tom and Jerry e is one of the best cartoon series who on not only 23 but seven Oscars award due to its best performance.

The Tom and Jerry was actually nominated for 6 more time.


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