Published by pubg Corporation which is actually inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale is one of the game who started his career in 2017.

That was the use time when pubg got success as a one of the best online multiplayer game and Royal game.

This amazing game has millions of users, streamers and also so has many matches and championships in all over the world.

This is amazing game is a one of the shooting game where your play with other 99 players and hence every match in the pubg started with 100 players to fight.

In the game startup all the players spawn on the spawn island after some seconds you will be ready to go to down and search out all the weapons and good stuff like snipers to kill down all the enemies.


Now also you killed all the enemies you will get the get chicken dinner reward and you will keep increasing your rank in different servers.


This is one of the game who was first released in 2017 at the final release where steam for the Microsoft Windows only.


Later on it was released for Xbox One and Microsoft studios with better updates.


It is one of the best selling game which is free to play on your IOS and Android device.


First you have to do open the Google Play Store type of G and you will get the official update of PUBG.


According to pubg corporation there are over 400 million users and players all around the world.


Most of the players are on mobile as the first game was released in the pace of pubg mobile.


History and creator of pubg


Brendan Greene is the person start his career by making a best Battle Royale game and also the creator of the pubg.


Brendan Greene inspired by the the Japanese film of 2008 Royal when the soldiers try to you help your teammates to win the war against enemies.


Brendan Greene who was living in Brazil as a graphic designer and photographer.


Once you start making different games create Arma 2 mod DayZ and PUBG etc .


Here are some of the amazing facts about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


  1. Pubg break all records


After the launch of pubg it Breaks all the records in 2017. At the time of of release pubg hit 1,342,857 active players all around the world.


In 2017 he overtaking dota2 and various other games. Instead of purchase game this amazing game is totally for free and full of adventure.


  1. PUBG Strict rule


This is one of the amazing game totally against hackers and Game Changers. He is one of the strict game who can Ban any of the hackers for hundred years.


Because of this amazing facilities to make game play safe and friendly ye pubg Corporation start banning 4000 players everyday.


  1. Pubg guns with unique physics


In the best of reality all the weapons in pubg has their own unique features and they are totally based on true nature.


All the weapons who take the through damage in real life is also using in pubg with the same damage.


Also she has several physics of grenades,smoke, knockdown by fall down aur by enemies.


  1. Pubg won multiple awards from 2017 to 2018


He is one of the game who breaks all the records and won different awards these awards are:


Best mobile game of the year(pubg mobile)


E Sport game of the year


Best multiplayer game award in 2017


And also win best multiplayer game for PC in 2017.


  1. Pubg high revenue game


Pubg is one of the game who is is earning aI revenue of upto US$34 million and it is in the list of top highest gross revenue games in the world.


  1. Pubg offer 3D players


Pubg introduce a new feature which is called as a 3D feature which will allow you to record your gameplay and also respect others players and also you can also record other players before the cat killed.


  1. 15 x scope


Most of the players did not know about 15 x scope although this scope comes with unique AirDrop.


Ok this 15 x scope is the double of 8x. There is also a biggest factor that in the early stages of pubg release able to use 8X on Rifles and M4 16.


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