In the early history of 1998 there were lots of industries working on different concept of providing services lego was one of them.


A company which is known as Lego Corporation was actually based in Billund, Denmark where an old man called Ole Kirk Christiansen was working on woods to make something crazier especially for children’s.


Lego become one of the best toy making industry who killed at least 600 billion legos part.


Ole Kirk Christiansen was one of the first Lego maker who start his career by making different tools and toys.


History of Lego


In 1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen start making different toys for babies and childrens in his hometown Billund, Denmark.


In early stages of his production heĀ  makes different toys in the shape of wood but they are not much popular.


Ole was very depressed as his toys are not getting sold so he decided to make a new idea.


In 1934 he started making Lego which are the tiny bricks when they are connected to each other.Ole idea of worked and he making toys which can be better played by children’s and make more money.


These automatic binding brakes got popularity and soon Ole get a complete machine to start making these legos.


Here are some of the amazing facts about LEGO.


  1. LEGO Amazing name


LEGO was originally bhai Giri acted by Ole Kirk Christiansen bhai from Denmark and it is the combination of two amazing words LEG GODT which means play well


  1. From London to Beijing


Legos are produced in millions. Last year 340 millions legos were produced and it is one of the most amazing fact that if you put all the Li goes one by one in a line it will be almost distance from London to Beijing in China which will be the 7,900 km.


  1. Old Play Toy


LEGO approximately 50 years old and it was built in 1958 but it is still playing today.


  1. Amazing accuracy and degree


LEGO are the one of the amazing toys which consists of bricks and they are very much accurate as two-thousandth of a millimetre.


According to LEGO reproduce millions of ligo and in between these only 18 breaks get failed to achieve the company’s high quality standard.


  1. LEGO tower


Lego Tower is one of the highest tower in the world which is approximately 28.7 high made of 465,000 bricks which is totally insane.


  1. LEGO Minifigures are greater than or per world population


LEGO Minifigures in billions every year for approximately now in 400 billions and they are greater than our world population.


  1. Fastest selling in the world


LEGO Minifigures are one of the guys who gets old in a fastest way. According to LEGO corporation in every seconds almost 28 Lego sets are sold cross the world.


  1. LEGO Minifigures to give jobs


Master model builders is one of the coolest job which is hired by Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester.

Here thousands of people hired every year.


  1. LEGO Minifigures for everyone


If LEGO Minifigures Corporation start giving legos everyone on the planet then everyone will get 80 Lego bricks.


LEGO video games


From 1987 Lego start making video games based on LEGO media limited.

That was the year of Lego success when he achieved everything he want.


After 1987 he start releasing Lego character and Lego racers which are the one of the best Lego toys in the history.


LEGO start making partnership with others and make different amazing games and movies like oK live Star War, lEGO Marvel, lego Indiana Jones, and also Lego Batman.


Due to its popularity most of the companies preferred this amazing work in their films and movies.


Lego board games


In 2009 Lego launched is first Lego theme board games which are quite easy to understand and playing.


Is amazing game player must have to build something that appear on the card.


Lego films and television


That was the time of 2003 when LEGO start entering the film industry. Officially released Mask of light in 2003 e in straight to DVD release which got much more popularity.


Mask of light 2003 e was actually developed by Creative Capers entertainment. Other movies like Hero Factory movies the Lego Adventure of clutch power in several other DVDs released in February 2010.


Leecos were used that most of the the Lego users start reporting that 83 cores are out of order and they start getting cancellation of ligo pre-order.



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