IPhone is one of the smartphone designed as the android. It was one of the first generation iPhone released in 2007 which completely changed the history of mobile phone users.

Containing Apple iOS operating system iPhone is a relatively huge number of users are around the world.

Including everything all keyboard, wi-Fi, camera another amazing features and Gadgets installed in tiny mobile is a very smooth interface.

Well, iPhone also has the capability of connecting any of the Wi-Fi cellular networks.

Like other smartphone devices like Android and others, it has also the capability of making pictures, browsing the internet, text messaging, play music another amazing feature.

If you are a person who like to play video games then you can also play video games on iPhone 3GS.

Recently apple cross 2.2 million apps for iPhone on Apple Store in January 2017.

With 12 major releases of the iphone operating system which has new compatibilities, advanced features and fixing others recently released 12 generation of iPhone models which is currently available for sale.

iPhone also makes three G smartphones for different networks to support and hence they are also called as iPhone 3GS.

Today we are also going to show some of the best and amazing facts about the iPhone Apple.

From iPhone 3G 12 iPhone model 6 and iPhone XR apple iPhone make significant changes in features Technology.

Initial stage iPhone 3G was normal iPhone with improved hardware. After that iPhone 4 comes with metal glasses high resolution off display and also offering front camera.

With this technology is iPhone introduce iPhone 4S with voice assistant called as Siri.

IPhone 5 is the advanced version of iPhone 4 which give us 4 inch long display a lightning connector which was initially released in 2013 make a fingerprint reader advancement.

IPhone 5 and iPhone 6 both comes with new features of colour plastic case.

Here are are some of the amazing facts about iPhone

  1. IPhone was not the first Apple iPhone

Launch in September 2005 apple launch its first iPhone which was Roker E1 as announced as a first Apple cell phone ever which was actually not the first iPhone because of its control over design.

  1. IPhone is not made by apple

If you hear about Cisco then and you can easily know about you who is the the owner of of iPhone and where the iPhone named come from.

Since 1998 Cisco which was the company e of making different hardware network devices called iPhone for the dual mode cordless VoIP network phones.

It was the time of 1999 when iPhone.org registered in December and Steve Job get the agreement with CISCO and hence they own the name.

  1. Siri

Siri which was the voice assistant in Apple iPhone 4S and it was one of the best virtual assistant concept which has amazing knowledge and also scary future prediction feature.

It was actually developed five years ago in 2006.

  1. Apple sold 2.2 billion iphones

After the launch of apple iPhones till now the company sold how to point to across the world.

  1. IPhone 6 the best model

In the history of Apple iPhone company iPhone 6 was one of the best model with amazing features. According to Apple iPhone iPhone 6 222 million handsets was sold out after its launch.

  1. Apple iPhone short life

As most of the mobile phone devices can be used for long time and for longest lifespan but iPhone is one of the cheaper devices ever has shortest lifespan but with longest battery life.

  1. Apple mini joystick in home button

In 2015 apple published a concept of mini joystick inside the home button for future iOS devices.

But due to to advancement in technology and ultra thin iPhones this could not be happened.


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