In this strange world there are many places which quite difficult to understand what is going on there because of mysterious circumstances.

Bermuda triangle is also one of them and it is also called as a devil’s Triangle.

Bermuda triangle which is the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean is famous for its strange behaviour.

There are thousands of aircrafts and ships gone disappear after entering this area no doubt this area looks very strange.

According to some experts and scientist this area has strange powerful magnetic field and also so this spaceships different alien activities.

Because of heavy travelling lines on the ocean this area look like a cross town aur complete ocean of ghost.

Many years age go whenever they want to fly by or going through it. A private aircraft also so fly through this area and he never returned back.

Lots of researchers and experts tried out what is going on here as and find out the cause of disappearing of ships and planes due to paranormal activities and also got extraterrestrial beings around their.

Origin of Pramuda Triangle

It was the year of 1950 during the World War II uS Navy ee topper daw bombas cross by this strange area of the ocean. According to Navy experts there are 19 different bombas for going to to training mission.


According to associated press  The Miami Herald publish article on this that these all 19 bomber planes gone disappear in Bermuda Triangle.


According to the the Pilot the last message of these members are ” they are not looking at the sky and our machinery is not working correctly”.

After this biggest incident lots of news standard around the world and ships and planes gone missing through this area.

Today we are going to show some of the best facts about Bermuda Triangle

  1. There is it devil here

According to some experts and scientist the Haunted Bermuda triangle is because of the devil. This huge area is spread out between the Japan island of Bonin of an attached with Philippine sea. Japanese called it Ma-no Umi, meaning “Sea of the Devil.”

  1. Sea Venture

Sea Venture where’s the seaship which was direct over the cost of Virginia is also due to bermuda Triangle that was wrote by Shakespeare.

  1. Bermuda Triangle (three corners)

For the very first time in 1964 American author Vincent Gaddis define that the American authority make a complete boundary of Bermuda Triangle for the first time in the history.

This news was brought in magazine Argosy and the Bermuda Triangle is actually a complete triangle and a triangular zone in the Atlantic.

This huge area of triangular zone spread out from Miami San Juan in Puerto Rico and attached to the island of Bermuda which is called as a deadly Bermuda Triangle.

  1. Establishing a Pattern

During the World War II after the disappearing of two shapes Proteus and Nereus which actually caused by to cyclones was also blamed due to Bermuda Triangle.

  1. Recorded Disappearances


Bermuda triangle is one of the place where 75 planes 100 of ships disappear which is actually the great ratio of disappearing on the planet Earth.


  1. Lost city of Atlantis


Some believers wrote that the Bermuda Triangle is also famous due to having lost city of Atlantis.


Atlantis is a one of the Lost City and also called as a rock on ocean.


According to some expert if the rock comes over the Ocean we can easily find out the Lost City.


  1. Ghost Ship of Bermuda Triangle


Carroll A. Deering is one of the strange ship which was coming from a trip from Rio de Janeiro lost all of his members and crew members.


It was found abundant on the ocean of North Carolina. Some experts said that this is cause by The Paranormal Activity in prove that triangle and someone said that that the all the people is caught by the aliens.

  1. Mysterious range of size

According to some experts and with authorities the government in ise the range of Bermuda Triangle but the actual range is 530,000 square miles which started from these three islands.


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