Batman is one of the DC Comic and a great detective to fight against crime and bad guys like Dark Side.

Everyone knows about Batman and the Dark Knight film but there is a lots more that we are going to share today.

In 1939 #27 detective comics appeared it was the time to show the World The Amazing strength and super powers in the shape of of word first powerful detective the Bruce Wayne.

Bruce mean which is one of the Superheroes is actually a wealthy American Playboy and also the owner of Wayne Enterprises.

In the early childhood age Bruce Wayne who was the son of  Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne was an ordinary boy oye which has no powers to kick bad boys asses with little hands.

According to the history bruce Wayne father doctor Thomas Wayne was killed by a robber which make Bruce the Batman to take revenge of his father’s death.

For the centuries comic book describe about the Batman and it’s sad full story e and also origin of Batman true fear to fight.

As the Batman does not have any of the super powers like superman,Green Lantern unlike other Superheroes like flash but also has the great mind to fight with bad guys.

Bruce which is actually fight with dark by going under tunnel which was full of bats.

Bruce become popular when it was first introduced in 1939 as the title of the Batman.

It was not the first time that the batman save the whole Gotham City from the atomic bomb.

With the ability of expert detective he has peak level of human condition with great martial arts practices he is one of the superhero could not need any kind of powers to fight with bad peoples.

According to comic book of DC batman has the ability to come yellow lantern.

Although batman aka Bruce Wayne has lots of Amazing stuff to use this stuff are also called as high tech technology gadgets.These amazing gadgets help Bruce Wayne to fight out different crimes.

Some of the gadgets are so powerful that they can and make a huge impact on enemies.

Batgyro and batarang first batman theme weapons with the suited armour carrying out different gadgets.

Today we are also going to share some of the Unique and pest facts about batman.

  1. Bruce Wayne Name

Batman name and the secret identity is Bruce Wayne which is actually comes from to Superheroes.

Bruce which is the owner of the Scottish National Hero fight against different enemies on the Wayne is the one of the American Revolution.

  1. Batman’s Screen Name

You will be surprised that the batsman online Screen name is JonDoe297.

3.Like Bat-Father, Like Bat-Son

According to some rumours bruce Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne who was a medical doctor and also the true honour of the Wayne enterprises is also a Batman

  1. Wayne Enterprises

According to comic and fictional stories bruce Wayne Enterprises is valued of $31.3 billion which contain all the aspects like Biotech, automotive and foods.

  1. Batman is technically superman’s Boss

As the Bruce Wayne is the owner of Wayne Enterprises is actually the boss of Superman because the daily planet newspaper enterprise.

  1. Bruce Wayne is very rich

Batman aka Bruce Wayne who is actually be worth of 9 billion and much more will there then any of the superheroes like X-Men Xavier, and also much more wealthy as Tony Stark.

  1. BatPlane

Before Batmobile batman use its own private jet and also called as a Batmobile.

Here are some of the Technologies which is actually used by Batman:

1.Personal armour it is called as bat suit

Batsuit is a body armour who has the ability to fight with any of the criminal. It has the ability known of the bullets can penetrate into it as it is Bulletproof.

  1. Batmobile

With the passage of time Batmobile gain different Technologies from car to bad cycle and also with automated crawler machine Batmobile change with the passage of time.

  1. Utility belt

Utility belt is one of the most important batsuit component which consists of weapons, crime fighting tools and also investigation instruments.

  1. Bat signal

Bad signal is one of the night sky creative bat symbol passing through the cloud and point out at the top of the Gotham City.

  1. Batcave

Batcave is one of the secret headquarter of Bruce Wayne which has all the facilities like supercomputer, parking for different vehicles and also bruce Wayne has a a satellite which can be control through a supercomputer.

Batcave is actually the home of of Bruce Wayne with menu Trophy rooms and storage facilities.


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