19th century is rising in Internet shopping and other amazing services like Google, Facebook, and Apple.

Amazon which is one of the multinational technology company is not only used for e-commerce but it is also a great hub of Technology, cloud computing and also producing artificial intelligence services which is now using in worldwide.

Amazon is a well-reputed technology innovation that has its own level of distribution of different services all around the world.

It is also called the world’s largest online marketing hub with thousands of services provided in a wide range of facilities.

Here are some of the amazing online services provided by amazon

  • Cloud computing
  • Assistant
  • Biggest online market
  • Revenue and market capitalization
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Amazon Web Services and many other services that you must know.

History of Amazon

Jeff Bezos is one of the men who started his career through a little of his in his house from 1994. He was an ordinary person from Washington city.

At the time of beginning, the company was chess selling books online but the letter onĀ  Jeff Bezos expand his business to different stops like software, video games, furniture, and many other accessories.

In 2015 Amazon hit the United State market capitalization and become one of the first biggest markets in the world.

In 2017 the whole food market was acquired by Amazon in just 13.4$ billion. 2018 was the year of Amazon Prime who hit almost 100 million subscribers all around the world which has its own unique and amazing service of two-day delivery.

Amazon also takes a step in media companies and also started Amazon Prime music and videos and also providing downloading and streaming of different videos from all over the world.

Almost Amazon is in everything and also providing Amazon Web Services to programmers and developers to carry on their own projects.

Today we are are also going to show you some of the best Amazon facts that you must know today.

  1. Cadabra

Some of the people start thinking that amazon.com also a Cadabra from the favorite magic spell ‘Abracadabra’ because the CEO of Amazon misheard these amazing words as a cadaver.

  1. First books selling by Amazon

It was the time of April 3, 1995, when Amazon start his career and sold his first book called as Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies by Doug Hofstadter.

This was the first book which contains all the science experiments and mechanism of Intelligence and also contains computer modeling concepts.

  1. Bell

Amazon has a bell which is an amazing habit when a new purchase made by the site this bell ring. But the problem is Amazon products I purchased frequently that the bell is ringing frequently which disturb many workers in Amazon so they thought to remove it.

  1. Money from Mom and dad

Bezos is one of the kids who got money from his parents. Hence Bezos’s parents what if one of the first investors and Bezos’s father gives all of its retirement savings $300,000 to his son to start this new job.

  1. Power-hungry

Amazon is now is one of the biggest marketing company is actually working on several computers which are currently working and running all the time.

  1. Impossible selling

In the early stage of online bookselling Amazon is one of the first companies that sold out his books in 45 different countries and also his own country in 50 US states.

  1. The huge flaw

Every successful company somehow faced with any kind of difficulty in his career. Amazon is also the biggest company that faced many problems.

Amazon noticed that one of the book prices was wrongly typed by the algorithm and it was listed in all of the Amazon sites in 23 million book prices.

That was caused due to in Amazon algorithm which was literally corrected.

  1. Futuristic clock

Amazon is one of the companies that made Bezos one of the world’s richest men.Bezos has roundabout $125 e in his pocket and he can really buy anything he wants.

He recently e hire a project manager to make a Mechanical clock just in 42 million dollars which can tell us the time for the next 10000 Years.


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