Egyptian pyramids fantastic legends, as well as real and baffling scientific riddles, is constructed 100 feet to inches. It is one of the word oldest monuments and also called a Bazaar strange place on earth.

In the history of human, the Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most significant importance and revealed about pharaohs and their Nation.

We saw lots of pictures about these huge monuments as there are three of them located at Giza. These three of them are also called as pyramids of Giza.

These three pyramids are:

  • Pyramid of Menkaure
  • Pyramid of Khafre
  • and the Great Pyramid of Khufu which has more significance as huge history is hidden behind these parameters.

History of Pyramid of Khufu

It was the time of 2630–2610 BC during the Third Dynasty when the king Khufu order his Nation to make a huge monument which can remain intact for centuries.

When you visit the city of Cairo you will see the huge structures above the sky which was actually built before 2000 years ago.

From centuries archaeologist finding out secrets and knowledge hidden behind these walls.

Scientist and engineers find out how these big blocks of stones crafted into shapes to make huge skyscrapers in the world.

Using simple printer Technologies and monuments The Great Pyramid is the Hi-Tech of Antiquity something as much as 50,000 tons.

It was the tallest building of 6 million tons which can actually hold 16 empire State Building all around its.

Here Are top interesting facts about ancient egyptian Pyramids

  1. Engineering wonder

Build almost for 4500 years ago this was one of the tallest building ever built and no one knows how it was build.For 3800 years this huge building remain as tallest building in the world.

  1. More in numbers

If you are thinking that there are only 5 or 10 pyramids in Egypt but it’s actually not there are thousands of pyramids from all over the world recognising the same symbol.

  1. Stones heavier than elephant

Will you try to to move out 5 to 10 tons of a huge block stone which is actually heavier than an elephant from Africa.

Scientist and engineers wonder how these terms of blocks moved out at high altitude to make a huge pyramid.

  1. The Intricate Tunnels artefacts

The Intricate Tunnels of pyramid of Giza has lots of information as thousands of artefacts pictures and drawings draw on it.

These artefacts recognise about the nation of king Pharaoh and also engineers find out secret Chambers and shafts that trivial the hidden information.

  1. The Slave Hoax

According to scientist an archaeologist this huge monument for build using slaves and also by paid workers who went through day and night to make this huge construction.

Recently worker Tom’s was discovered in 2010 which revealed about the slaves.

  1. Ancient Air conditioner

When we use air conditioner in modern age but can you think about the natural air conditioner in old ages and also in Great Pyramid.

The scientist and archaeologist find out that the pyramid was build so accurately that it is designed to make it it hotter and cooler buy Natural season.

The natural temperature inside parameter geyser is 20 degree Celsius.

  1. A Pyramid Around the Coffer

You will be amazed when you know no no that the whole pyramid of Giza built on Coffer.

According to OK your largest it was too large and heavy then it cannot be moved out to the narrow entrance passage.

  1. The Lightest 20-ton Swivel Door

Yes it is is right it that the entrance of pyramid of Giza is round about 20 ton heavy and also show the world biggest outdoor builder Dewa.

  1. Alignment with The Orion

The Orion is the complete structure of stars belt and that’s why the pyramid Giza e is completely aligned with exactly with three lines of these stars.

  1. Whopping Weight of Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is one of the heaviest building construction in the history according to scientist an archaeologist it is 5750000 tons is heavy and build with estimated 2.3 blocks of stones.

  1. An Attempt to Destroy Pyramids

It is also a biggest fact that in 20th century King Al-Aziz also order  his Army to destroy the huge pyramid but they can’t do it because it was too to big to destroy.


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