Lots of people listen music, and also setting up ringtones for morning time as an alarm. Today we are going to show you some of the best and free ringtone apps maker for Android where you can make your own ringtone.

Ringtone maker apps has the ability to make a ringtone from two or different audio music from your favourite songs.

In addition to making ringtones these amazing apps has the ability to setup customise wallpapers as well as theme for your phone.

Today we are going to show you some of the best free ringtone app makers for Android let started.

  1. Zedge

Zedge is one of the amazing ringtone and wallpaper maker for Android. This amazing app has  hundred million installed and also has with 4.6 rating google Play Store.

In this amazing app you can also custom tune with tons of suitable ringtones for alarm and largest collection for making your own wall and theme.

Here are some of the amazing features of Zedge

  • Funny tunes and music effects
  • Alert tones and different music tones for different contacts
  • You can make favourite music ringtones
  • HD wallpaper support
  • Live wallpaper
  • Ringtones
  • Alarm and notification sounds
  • Stickers


  1. MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers

MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers is another amazing app and also called as a mighty phone.

It is one of the personalization app which will offer you a huge amount of features. Is app will let you to get awesome mobile content, install different apps and games, browse wallpaper download and set up and also making ringtones from different categories.

Here are some of the amazing features of MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers App

  • MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers huge collection of ringtones where you can listen and download it for free.
  • Easy search for ringtones and add it to favorite
  • Download and search out different wallpapers that can be suited for your smartphone
  • Share cool wallpapers from your friends and families
  1. Ringdroid- RingMaker MP3Cutter

Ringdroid- RingMaker MP3Cutter is one of the app which is actually a open source application for Android.

Is amazing app will allow you to cut any of the favourite audio clip from any of the favourite music.  Now you can easily make your own ringtone notifications, alarm and other things whatever you want.

Its support various other formats of audio files like WAV, MP3, AMR and also AAC.  It has also ability to record lie sounds so you can make ringtone from anywhere

Here are some of the amazing features of Ringdroid- RingMaker MP3Cutter

  • Audio MP3 player, mP3 cutter and recorder
  • Live audio recording and editing
  • You can select MP3 from your mobile SD card also
  • Create ringtones/ alarm/ notifications and also make your own music
  • For zoom level audiophile representation
  • Building music player
  • Setup default ringtones for all of your contacts differently
  • Ringtone Editor


  1. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker is another amazing app comes with little bit advanced options with 4 zoom levels.

Coming with no cost and absolutely for free it is one of the popular ringtone alarms and notifications maker app.

Now you can customise and make  your own ringtone and notification by editing any audio clip make your own audio with waves.

To making any audio it is so simple to start the playing position select the first and part and save the Desire clip.

Here are some amazing features of MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

  • 7 and 10,000 amazing wallpaper
  • Popular ringtones alarms and notifications
  • Cut and edit audio easily
  • It can easily search out all the audios and music from your extensive database
  • You can also make custom ringtone
  • Inbuilt audio cutter and editor
  • Smooth and easy user friendly interface
  1. Z Ringtones PREMIUM 2019

Z Ringtones PREMIUM 2020 is one of the newest app built for special ringtones free download and also customise it with your own choice.

If you are looking for best ringtone in 2020 then you must try this app as it contains huge amount of different categories like hip hop, jazz, ok Rock, soul and also has many other amazing things like entertainment and games.

This amazing app is compatible with Android 4.1 android 10.0 it also can work with Android 8.0 and above


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