In this modern era of Technology artificial intelligence technology is growing faster in different industries of the world.  It is concerned with making smart machines programs and amazing gadgets to help mankind in different stuff.

Through automobile industry to making computers and also working in making vegetables unpacking stuff artificial intelligence completely surrounds the whole world.

Everyone talk about artificial intelligence so what is actually AI software?

AI softwares are also called as automatic processing programs which has the capability to save time and money and also energy to make efficient work at time.

These artificial intelligence softwares has the ability to make its own tradition to make life easier and smarter.

Today we are going to share some of the best artificial intelligence software for PC which you must use in your life.

  1. Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine is one of the biggest platform ine training models for different developers and scientist to make their own model which could be ready to built.

It is also called as a future prediction model aur setting up API how how it will react when goes live.

Most of the developers built their own portable ml pipelines and check out its prediction and correction through Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine has the ability to take out TensorFlow, TPUs, and TFX tools which can be helpful to your AI programs that you want to build.

You can get started for free at 8

  1. Braina Virtual Assistant

Like Alexa and Siri Braina Virtual Assistant is also multifunctional AI software which is actually built for human voice recognition.

Now you can operate your computer through voice recognition through natural language processing you can also make it possible to to write content through speech.

Is amazing software is also called as a personal assistant and automation for your PC.

It can perform doing any of the task and you can use it on android and IOS  devices to carry on different works.

Here are some of the amazing features of Braina Virtual Assistant

  • Artificial brain
  • Dictation
  • Control PC wirelessly Android and IOS devices
  • Custom commands replies and hotkeys
  • Play songs and videos
  • Text to speech
  • Mathematics
  • Search any information from Google search engine and other popular search engines
  • Dictionary and treasures
  • You can also search for different files folders and programs into your computer
  • Automate key presses
  • Notes, reminders and many other useful features
  1. Azure Machine Learning Studio

Azure Machine Learning Studio is one of the amazing dragon drop and powerful AI tools to make ml experiments and built predictive analytics solutions.

Now you can make cloud-based on promises providing software that can capable of deploying different models in in cloud.

It is also a biggest AI tool to deploy share and Store on very secure location.

It has multiple amazing features:

  • Anomaly and predictive Modelling and detection
  • Support for R scripts and run time projects
  • Amazing innovative graphical infrastructure
  • Drag and drop facilities to make different models easily and quickly
  • Text analytics port with visual documentations
  • High rated performance computing
  • Many other amazing features that you must explore
  1. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is one of the world fastest growing AI Technology which has end to end open source machine learning platform.

This amazing platform has comprehensively flexible with amazing friendly ecosystem.

With amazing multiple tools and resources through communities it will give you the idea to make a reversed ML production.

TensorFlow will give you a wide range of search operations through Google and provide v u component research papers for your machine.

Here are some of the amazing features of TensorFlow

  • End to end open source machine learning Pro platform
  • Easy model building through high-level API
  • Robust ml production anywhere processing and any of your device
  • Multilingual language
  • Powerful experimentation for research and Publication
  1. is an amazing platform for beginners and it will help beginners through start to build their own train models and various other environments.

It will let you you to deploy and tuning ml models without knowing any of the particular language.

Is amazing platform is currently using it various departments and industries like banking, healthcare, marketing and insurance companies.

So if you have the knowledge about the language like R and python then you must try this amazing Technology.


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