SMS Marketing software actually the best way to notify others about your services and updates. It is a best strategy to give customer the new idea and updates about the business to grow up a business.

There are different types of marketing available but sms marketing is another quick and fast way to promote business which sending messages directly to the customer.

To grow a business short Message Service or SMS market softwares are widely used to notify customers about business updates. These SMS sending are actually in bulk and also in thousands and Millions because most of the people ignored emails more than any of the text message on the phone.

Message sending in SMS marketing is the best and ultimate strategy to set a goal to send SMS to thousands of people within few seconds.

Today we are going to share some of the best text messaging sending Marketing software which also called as SMS marketing softwares to send messages in bulk.


SendInBlue is one of the amazing sMS Marketing software which grow your your business in different ways.

This software always focus on important stuff and give you round the clock support.

Is amazing software not only give you email, sMS and chat marketing but also give complete detail of customers at one place.

Here are some amazing features of SendInBlue

  • Complete sales and marketing tool box
  • You can also pick up different tools for marketing like ok SMS, landing page and also you can turn your visitors into customers through ads
  • Focus on important stuff
  • Round the clock support and the gDP are complaint
  • Email,SMS add chat marketing
  • CRM, marketing automation and email transactional messages
  • This amazing app will turn your your visitors into customers through landing pages, sign up forms, facebook ads retargeting through website ads.
  1. TXT180

TXT180 is a user-friendly sMS Marketing software that will work for you for 24 hours. TXT180 is currently available for 15 days free trial with 100 messages and custom keywords.

TXT180 will save your money e and also give you a higher response by sending message text through scheduling.

You can send messages aise and also with different range like daily weekly and monthly basis.

Autoresponder is the amazing feature which I get in this sMS marketing.

  1. Trumpia

Trumpia is another amazing professional sMS sending software which will give you a huge scale of business help.

Trumpia use the data from user signup and calculate all the informations to send messages back to him for business updates.

With best automated strategy it will give with intelligent text board working for 24 hours.

You can also make more channels of using SMS, MMS, emails, social media and also through voice MMS.

  1. Slick Text

Slick Text has its own unique features of automatic replies to customer whenever he start engage with your SMS or any kind of interaction.

It is one of the powerful and easy to use software with rich in features. It will let you to work professionally with no contacts and no hidden fees

If you are working on a retail stores that SMS Marketing software like Slick Text ok we’ll be the best to grow your business.

Slick Text also work for different businesses like restaurant, schools church and Ministries.

  1. EZ texting

EZ texting is with simple interface and few amazing features but also give you a proper and Powerful sMS marketing to a single message setting.

With outstanding support and reaching more customers EZ texting will give you 6 more engagement then emails.

It was founded in 2004 and till now it has more than 160k customers all around the world.

  1. Textedly

Textedly which is actually a cloud-based text messaging software which work in both manually and automatically scenarios.

From this amazing platform you can send it has many sMS to customers as you can. It will give you a complete understanding and also track your SMS campaign daily and monthly.

  1. ProTexting

ProTexting  is one of the pro SMS Marketing software with huge database of phone numbers. This is amazing software not only use for SMS but also you can use MS for business promotions.

It automatically sold all the queries from the customers categorise all the contacts and make your promotion easily with Pro management functions.


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